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Meet Our Team

Colette Holt & Associates

Colette Holt & Associates is the leading national law and consulting firm specializing in issues related to Disadvantaged, Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprise programs, business diversity initiatives, and affirmative action issues. The firm has conducted court-approved disparity studies and designed programs for over 30 years. We also provide training, monitoring, expert witness consulting and investigative services across the country to agencies and businesses.  More information is available at our website: and on our Facebook page.

Sandi Llano & Associates, Inc.

With more than 30 years of experience, Sandi Llano established Sandi Llano & Associates, Inc. to continue advocating for equal access to business opportunities for disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned firms.  After retiring as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Director for Metra, Ms. Llano provides consulting services to governments and firms on compliance with contracting equity requirements, best practices for M/W/DBE Programs, and representation for M/W/DBEs as their mentor and advocate.  She has worked with CHA on our Chicago area and Illinois studies.

WindGypsy Consulting

WindGypsy Consulting leverages 16 years of business consulting to assist small and diverse businesses with analyzing goals, establishing, developing, and improving internal processes.  The firm connects prime contractors and agencies to small and diverse businesses to surpass their procurement goals through detailed and clear communication. The firm has worked with CHA to collect contract data on other disparity studies.